Grief During the Holiday Season

As we embark upon the holiday season, we'd like to remind the Kansas City community and our followers everywhere that you are loved, valued, and important. We understand that the holidays can be difficult for those dealing with grief, and we want to offer some tips to help you get through this time.
🎀Acknowledge your grief and allow yourself to feel the emotions.
🎀Talk about your loved one and keep their memory alive.
🎀Talk to someone who understands.
🎀Set realistic expectations for yourself and decide if you can still handle past responsibilities and expectations.
🎀Take things one day at a time.
🎀Take care of yourself.
🎀Do what feels right for you.
🎀Start a new tradition or change the celebration.
🎀Find a way to honor your memories.
🎀Create new traditions.
🎀Do something kind for others.
If you find that you need more help dealing with your grief this holiday season please email us at and we will do our best to help you find the support that you need.
👉🏽Please share this and possibly help someone that may need support getting through this holiday season.

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